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The RATCHET is a 12 channel, up to 64 steps per channel, drum, event and/or rhythm sequencer that features up to 16 'ratcheted' divisions per step.  It's quite powerful with per step variable gate lengths or ties, accents, swing and random with forward, backward and pong-pong play modes.  Save patterns on a provided Micro SD card. 

Other features include:  Per Drum pattern lengths, Per Drum Random Amounts, Drum muting, Random Muting, copy/paste, and so much more!

Ships with Micro SD Card.

20HP wide - 25mm deep

Power Consumption: +12: 115mA -12: nominal +5: 0

Ratchet Functions Video Demo

Learn more about how Ratchet works!


Ghostly International artist Aeroc performing with the Ratchet

Ratchet Basic Functions Video

How to start using your Ratchet now!